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O. is an international festival for opera, music, and theatre that runs at various locations across Rotterdam. It aims to open up the art of opera and make it meaningful to the lives of a large and diverse audience.

O. breaks open the dramatic art form of opera and believes it has a powerful resonance and relevance to a broad and diverse audience. It strives to be the most ground-breaking opera festival in the world.

O. brings together makers and audiences from the Netherlands and abroad. Together, we create an annual festival that takes place in established venues as well as in numerous surprising locations. The human voice and its ability to touch visitors in the heart is central to this endeavour. We are innovating opera, based on, but also beyond, existing traditions. Below are our three core values.

We go on an adventure with makers and audiences to explore new ways of creating opera and stories that have never been told before – whether they originate at home or abroad. We embrace all backgrounds and encourage debate and reflection. We dare to take risks, create connections, and go off the beaten track.

We are opening our doors – to international makers with enquiring minds who are eager to share their urgent stories. And to audiences that want to open their hearts to opera. We inspire and let ourselves be inspired. We facilitate meetings between visitors, artists, and programmers.

No boundaries
We are operating at national and international level – two approaches in a mutually enhancing relationship. Rotterdam is a prime source of inspiration. Our own city, with its typical characteristics, where over 170 nationalities bring out the best in each other when they come together. We are undogmatic, progressive, and synergize different disciplines. No genre is a ‘bridge too far’ – from wildly experimental to broadly accessible.

Stichting Opera Rotterdam / O. has been registered as a charity (ANBI status) since 15 March 2012. The board members of the Opera Rotterdam foundation do not receive an emolument.

More information can be found in our annual reporting.

Beleidsplan 2021-2024 (in Dutch)
Jaarverslag 2022 (in Dutch)
Raad van Toezicht – Rooster van aftreden  (in Dutch)

RSIN or tax identification number: 817771426
Registered with the Chamber of Commerce under 24412061

Postal address:
Postbus 752
3000 AT Rotterdam
The Netherlands

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O. gebruikt haar stad als podium en decor. Veel voorstellingen zijn op onalledaagse en onontdekte locaties in de stad: pleinen, woonkamers, kerken, een oude wasserij, winkel, bovenop de Bijenkorf en zelfs een fitnesscentrum.

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