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O. Professionals Programme

22 – 25 May 2022

Are you a Music Theater maker, producer or organizer? Are you interested in expanding what Opera. Music. Theatre. is? The O. Professionals’ Programme offers 4 days to hold thought-provoking and personal exchanges, while meeting for a debate, watching and discussing a show, or conversing around a meal table.

We offer you a special 4-day ticket deal which includes access to (selected) shows and conference programs, plus meals (Sunday 22 – Wednesday 25). You can buy the O. Conference Ticket (€275) below.

What to expect of our Professionals Programme 2022?
From Sunday 22 until Wednesday 25 May we are celebrating the most vibrant interdisciplinary art form of our time that tackles contemporary problems, pushes boundaries and explores new aesthetics. We made a selection of shows for professionals attending these four days. You can download the full schedule here (PDF) or click here for the tickets overview and purchase.

Within the O. Professionals Programme we hosts Music Theatre Now (MTNow) worldwide fifth competition winners, jury, and network members. MTNow had been established in 2008 within the frame of the Intentional Theatre Institute and continues its work in cooperation with O. Festival for Opera. Music. Theatre. and the support of ITI The Netherlands, disseminating emerging experimental artists and their work to a broad audience. Through a biannual international competition, MTNow supports visibility on an international level.

The O. Professionals Programme is supported by Performing Arts Fund NL and the City of Rotterdam.


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If you want to immerse in the O. Professional’s Programme 2022 we offer you this special ‘all-in-one’ ticket, which includes (selected) shows and conference programs plus meals (available until May 8th)

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Can’t manage to come for 4 days? No worries!

Would you like see some shows and participate in the conference but can’t visit four days? You are welcome to join special talks and curated content in the conference, and see shows within the festival, any of the four days by creating an O. account (or log in), go to the full festival program and and add shows and/or conference program to your cart and buy these tickets. 

Also, every day will be different opportunities to engage virtually:
Click here to join the Professionals Programme YouTube Livestream 

O. Conference (open registration via

Monday 23 May / 10:00 – 12:30

Expanding artistic practices – MTNow winners in dialogue
Music theatre is an interdisciplinary field and artists find their niche evolving from different backgrounds. Karmina Silec, conductor and director-author will meet choreographic theatre artist and artistic director Nicole Beutler, about how they change the meaning of this dynamic art form.  

After a short break, we will hear about projects stemming from diaspora and multiculturality. The other is us, and around us.

Dialogue: Karmina Silec (SL), Nicole Beutler (DE/NL). Moderator: Rainer Simon (DE)
Presentations: Rajiv Bhagwanbali (NL), Keranjeet Kaur Virdee (UK). Moderator: Pamela Lopez (CL)

Monday 23 May / 13:30 – 15:00
Otherness – MTNow winners in dialogue
Jewish myth, biblical stories, relates about domination that through possessed bodies or those immersed in fury succeed in standing against the odds with very and more-than-human forces.

Dialogue: Brett Bailey (ZA), Samara Hersch (AU). Moderators: Marlene Le Roux (ZA)

Tuesday 24 May / 10:00 – 12:30
Singing together – MTNow winners in dialogue

The embodiment of culture enables freedom to transform, transgress with a fluent mother-tongue ability that enables deconstruction and discovery in dystopian or absurd propositions. Two MTNow competition winners discuss their take.  

Dialogue: Roman Grygoriv (UA), Illia Razumeiko (UA), Dóra Halas (HU). Moderator: Du Yun (CH/US)

One-on-one: Professionals O.nline  
Click here to sign up for online one-on-one meetings during Tuesday 24 May, 11:30 – 12:30

Wednesday 25 May / 10:00 – 13:30
O. Meetup: Focus on the Dutch music theatre scene
The never-stop-growing Dutch music theatre scene meets to present, discuss, challenge and exchange ideas with colleagues from around the world. A casual walk in M4H, an informal moment together to share future plans or an already ongoing project.

The programme is supported by Performing Arts Fund NL and the City of Rotterdam 

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