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Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions


Will the festival require rapid access tests, vaccination passports etc.?

At this point we don’t know where we’ll stand in May, but we follow the guidelines of the RIVM. More information will follow in the spring of 2022.

Ticket sales

When do the festival ticket sales start?

Passe-partouts for May 2022 are now available. The sale of individual tickets and day tickets will start in the spring of 2022, when the full program will be announced. Keep an eye on our social media or register for our newsletter.


I have a passe-partout. Should I obtain a ticket for each performance that I want to attend?

Go to the programme and click on ‘Performance’ under the day for which you have bought an all-access pass. Click on ‘Buy tickets’. Now you should see the type of ticket, e.g. ‘passe-partout €0’. You can only order one of these tickets.

If the type of ticket does not appear, you may have selected a performance that is not taking place on the day for which you have bought the passe-partout. Should this be resolved and you still cannot see the type of ticket, try to log out of your account and then log in again. If this doesn’t help, send an email to


How do I buy a passe-partout?

At the top of the passe-partout page, click on the festival data in the green bar and then on ‘Buy tickets’ in order to pay for the passe-partout. After making the payment you will receive a confirmation email. Your passe-partout is now linked to your email address. PLEASE NOTE: You do not yet have access to the performance itself. You will need to purchase a separate ticket via the programme for each performance that you want to attend.

Day tickets

When do the day ticket sales start?

The sale of individual tickets and day tickets will start in the spring of 2022, when the full program will be announced. Keep an eye on our social media or register for our newsletter. Passe-partouts for May 2022 are now available.


Where does O. takes place?

O. will run in dozens of different locations across Rotterdam. Most locations in the inner city are within walking distance of each other whereas several are just outside the centre. You can see the festival locations on this map.


Are all of the performances in Dutch?

Most performances are in the ‘Language No Problem’ category so you can enjoy them without any prior knowledge of the language. The use of surtitles is indicated on the performance page.

Can I visit the festival in my wheelchair?

The wheelchair icons on the performances page indicate which performances are accessible for wheelchair users. However, the number of wheelchair spaces is limited so please contact in advance.

How accessible is O.?

O. is an open and hospitable festival that wants to be accessible for everyone. We are working closely with our location partners to be accessible to people with a (moderate) impairment. O.’s programme is accessible, to a large extent, for visitors with physical, auditory, visual, or cognitive disabilities.

Look our site to find information about the physical accessibility of the buildings and/or grounds per location. More information is to follow. Click here for additional information about the accessibility per festival location.

Icons are used to communicate the practical information for each performance. They indicate whether the performance and/or location is accessible for people with auditory, visual, or physical disabilities. Other information concerns the (sung) language, surtitles and/or additional details, such as the use of a stroboscope or loud sounds.

If you have any queries about accessibility please look at the FAQs or send an email to


Why are you no longer called Operadagen Rotterdam?

Operadagen Rotterdam has operated as O. since the start of 2021. We said goodbye to the name but not the history after 15 years. Operadagen Rotterdam developed into a progressive public festival with an impressive international reputation. Until, finally, its name no longer seemed to match its far-reaching future ambitions.

You can listen here to a special episode of the (Dutch-language) podcast Zijn Ze Nou Helemaal Bevlogen? and find out everything there is to know about the course that O. will be steering and the festival’s brand-new look & feel. Our guests are Hans Blik (managing director O.), Rajiv Bhagwanbali (director), Ylaysa Harris (marketeer O.) and Hanneke Minten (senior designer Das Buro). Presenter: Simone van Hulst.

What is O.?

O. is a festival for curious visitors. O. stands for opera as well as for opening up the genre. O. does not pigeonhole. O. is Opera. Music. Theatre. O. focuses on adventures, talented makers, and crosslinks with other disciplines. From performance to electropop; from tearjerker to street culture. O. is open-minded. Oh, yeah!

 You can read more about our mission and vision here.

I am a maker. Can I send you a project proposal?

Use the online application form to submit a project proposal for 2023. Artistic director Guy Coolen and dramaturg Joost Heijthuijsen will review all the submitted proposals.

I would like to support O. financially, what should I do?

Every form of support is welcome; especially at this time. It will enable us to continue to support young makers. When you order a ticket for O., the process includes the option to help the festival with a donation.

O. has an ANBI status. Should you wish to support the festival financially in a different way, please contact Hans Blik (managing director) at

Can I do an internship at O.?

Yes! We offer opportunities for internships throughout the year. Send an email to with the word ‘internship’ in the header.

Are you still looking for people to help out?

Yes! We always need people who would like to volunteer at the festival. Email or check this page.

Are you interested in getting involved in the organisation of the festival? Send an unsolicited application to


I have never received a message about my purchased tickets for the cancelled festival in May 2020. What happened?

We contacted everyone who bought a ticket once it became known that the festival could not go ahead last May. We sent messages to request support for the festival and our makers by making a donation and about the possibility of obtaining a refund. Some of these messages may have ended up in spam or junk folders.

Please contact the festival at so we can inform you about the different options.

Always up to date

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O. gebruikt haar stad als podium en decor. Veel voorstellingen zijn op onalledaagse en onontdekte locaties in de stad: pleinen, woonkamers, kerken, een oude wasserij, winkel, bovenop de Bijenkorf en zelfs een fitnesscentrum.

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