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Find out more about your visit to the festival – scroll down this page or search in the menu on the right. There is information about the accessibility of the festival locations and how to get there. You’ll find the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) regarding O. in the menu.


O. is an open and hospitable festival that wants to be accessible for everyone. We are working in close collaboration with our location partners to be accessible to people with a (moderate) impairment. O.’s programme is accessible, to a large extent, for visitors with physical, auditory, visual, or cognitive disabilities.

You can find the information about the physical accessibility of the buildings and/or grounds for each location on our site. Click here for more info about the accessibility per festival location.

Icons are used to communicate the practical information for each performance. They indicate whether the performance and/or location is accessible. Other information concerns the (sung) language, surtitles and/or additional details, such as the use of a stroboscope or loud sounds.

Do you have any questions about accessibility? Look at the FAQs or send an email to


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Do you have (other) questions about O.? We would like to help you! You will find a list of all Frequently Asked Questions on our FAQ page.


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O. gebruikt haar stad als podium en decor. Veel voorstellingen zijn op onalledaagse en onontdekte locaties in de stad: pleinen, woonkamers, kerken, een oude wasserij, winkel, bovenop de Bijenkorf en zelfs een fitnesscentrum.

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