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Luxor Theater & O. introduce ‘opera cabaret’: Steef’s O. Show (May 2022)

Opera and cabaret may appear to be two radically different worlds but nothing could be further from the truth. In Steef’s O. Show, both art forms merge into a variegated revue with enthralling arias, tear-jerking duets, spectacular scenery, and a lot of humour.

Steef’s O. Show is a feast of recognition. Together with a 70-member orchestra and a range of well-known comedians and artists, including the Dutch actor/writer/singer/performer Alex Klaasen, theatre maker Steef de Jong presents famous opera and operetta pieces. From Verdi to soccer anthems and everything in-between. It will be clear to everyone that opera is not as remote or serious as might have been expected.

The introduction of a new genre, ‘opera cabaret’, kicks off a collaboration over many years between O. and Luxor. While O. represents the diversity and approachability of opera, Luxor offers a stage to high-quality cabaret. This fusion is evidence that two grandiose cultural genres can reach a large number of people and be accessible to many.

“Steef de Jong operates somewhere between comedy show, cabaret, revue, and operetta. Charming and entertaining, fascinating and unique.” – Tobias Kokkelmans (dramaturg O. 2021)

The performance will take place during O. on 23 & 24 May 2022 in Luxor Theater Rotterdam. Tickets can now be purchased via Luxor Theater’s website.

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