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HERE AND THERE – UNTOLD nominated for FEDORA Opera Prize 2022

On 22 September, on the occasion of the 59th Golden Prague International Television Festival in Prague, in Czech Republic, the FEDORA Platform announced the 12 nominated projects for the FEDORA Prizes Biennale. These innovative projects in the fields of opera and dance involve 48 cultural organisations and partners from 13 countries, with the participations of over 50 collaborating lead artists. The project UNTOLD by HERE AND THERE has been nominated for the FEDORA Opera Prize 2022.

The announcement kicked off the online crowdfunding campaigns of the nominated projects (30 November 2022) on the FEDORA platform. Click here for the crowdfunding page.

“HERE AND THERE is an exciting project which unites different communities. In a positive way we look at the diaspora of people all over Europe. The opera Untold by Alex Ho deals with the story of Cinderella, which Europeans think it s their story but it existed already in the 8th century in China and came to us through the silk road. Alex Ho shows that we are more similar in our mutual feelings by telling the same stories. Funding this project will help reaching out to more communities in Europe by sharing our big stories that unite us.” – Guy Coolen, artistic director O.

HERE AND THERE – UNTOLD brings together an opera, vocal projects and communities that deal with diaspora. Untold stories of people that are trying to find connection; a search of how to connect to their homeland and who they are in the country where they live. But also, how does the diaspora influences the art they create. The multi-disciplined opera UNTOLD by the British-Chinese composer Alex Ho is part of the HERE AND THERE project of O. and the creative director Rajiv Bhagwanbali.

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